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La souffriere

Located about ten kilometers from the Carbet Falls is the volcano "La Soufrière".
The access road is very steep, but all cars rented from Jumbocar allow you to discover this unique site.
Its 1467 meters, "the old lady" as she is called here, is one of the most majestic sites of Guadeloupe.
This volcano is still active but says "active rest", which means that there has been no eruption since 1976.
To get there you have to go through Basse Terre and St. Claude.
Arrived in the top of the road you will have to park your car in the parking lot of Bains Jaunes.
It takes 3 hours round trip. About 2 hours to go up and an hour down. This hike is not a hike called "easy." The show deserves.
The trail is well laid up in Savane Mulet, then it's a little more difficult because the road is steep and we start breathing vapors sulfur. Arriving at the top you can admire the gulfs strewn foams that release small fumaroles.
If you are lucky that the volcano is cleared, you will have a high point of view of Guadeloupe and the Saintes
The volcano landscape is beautiful and unusual vegetation.
For this ascent better be good équipé.Concernant holding, it is most advisable to wear sneakers or hiking boots, pants, a type of rain suit raincoat ....
Do not forget to take your swimsuit relax in the natural hot pool "Yellow bath" when you return. It is best to leave early in order to have a clear view. Soufriere is quite
quickly in the clouds.
A tip is best to come early to avoid problems to park his car ...