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Basse-Terre National Park in Guadeloupe

The National Park of Guadeloupe
Established in Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe The National Park comprises different ecosystems: tropical forest, coastal and mangrove, sheltering important biodiversity to discover. The visit of the National Park will, among other things, to go to meet many plant species (philodendron, mangroves, ...) and fauna (racoon, mongooses, iguanas, ...). Among the points of interest include the Soufriere Volcano, falls of Carbet and the Marine Nature Reserve Grand Cul-de-Sac.
The Zoological and Botanical Park Mamelles
Located on the famous Road Crossing the Udders Park is the best place to discover emblematic animals of Guadeloupe (endangered for some). Birds, primates, rodents, reptiles and insects ... all species are represented. The park also has a botanical garden to observe rare tropical plants such as anthuriums and the cannas, ferns, porcelain pink and wild orchids.
Off the beaten track: the aquaculture park
Aquaculture in the spotlight, it is the objective of the aquaculture park in Guadeloupe, Pointe Noire. An informative and fun visit to better understand the life cycle of aquatic animals (crayfish, mullets Creole, Caribbean wolves), the laying to hatching. The while enjoying a pleasant setting surrounded by palm trees, bamboo and fruit trees. The opportunity to make a small tour and learn about the fishing!
Deshaies Botanical Garden
For a flowery escapade in Guadeloupe, nothing like a visit to the botanical garden of Deshaies. The perfect setting to relax, surrounded by plants and shrubs, beautiful waterfalls and waterfalls as well as exotic animals! Special mention is the pond lilies between which splash Koi fish, aviary lorikeets (similar birds parrots) or the Corypha umbraculifera giant. The park has recently reintroduced red flamingo Guadeloupe, for the delight of visitors!
The list is not exhaustive and there are still many parks to discover in Guadeloupe (Valombreuse Park orchids ...). To discover them all, without exception, think about renting a car Jumbocar!