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All you need to know about Guadeloupe

Island of adventure and relaxation, Guadeloupe is the meeting place for vacationers. But for a successful stay, nothing beats a car rental Jumbocar!

A few words about Guadeloupe
Guadeloupe is formed by the continental islands Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre, separated by the Salt River and small islands of Les Saintes, Marie Galante, Petite-Terre and La Désirade. Also called Karukera or "island of beautiful waters", the Guadeloupe archipelago is located in the Caribbean Sea (8 hour flight from Paris), and offers a wide variety of landscapes: lagoons, forests, volcanoes ... C is the perfect place to have a good time and give a little carelessness, but also to commune with nature and go in search of exotic wildlife: birds, mammals, insects, reptiles and fish for Most endemic Antilles.
The climate of Guadeloupe is pleasant all year. But to avoid the hurricane season, plan your trip from December to May (called dry season).
Relaxing getaway in Guadeloupe
Honeymooners, heliotropism or simple getaway to the sea, lagoons and beaches of the island, worthy of the most beautiful postcards will make you dream. The beaches of St. Anne, St. Francis of Grande-Terre, as well as the small islands of Marie-Galante, Désirade and Saintes are among the most coveted. In addition to the dip and sunbathing, you have the opportunity to indulge in various activities: cruise, diving, snorkeling, surfing ...
Communion with nature
Not far from the turquoise sea, Guadeloupe has plenty to delight hiking enthusiasts and trekkers, including Basse-Terre with the famous circuit of Soufriere Volcano and immersion in the heart of the rainforest in the Park National Guadeloupe. The many parks and zoo (Parc udder, Botanical Garden of Deshaies, Aquaculture Park, ...) also promise beautiful walks to observe closely the biodiversity of the island!
From east to west, north to south, not to mention the neighboring islands, Guadeloupe holds many surprises. To tour the treasures of the island, the ideal and safest, is to make a car rental Jumbocar!

events from june to july

Culture and exotic islands, the archipelago of Guadeloupe hosts annual festivals and events not to be missed. With the approach of summer vacation, here are the dates to mark in red on your calendar! ...