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Sports events of Guadeloupe

Events not to miss seaside
Every year, Guadeloupe hosts the World Jet Ski Championship (usually in April) which takes place at the famous beach of Viard, Petit Bourg. Athletes from around the world, mounted their scooters to make 4 loops (Viard-Sainte-Marie-Islet Gosier Viard Viard-Saint-François Viard Viard-Saintes-Viard Viard and Marie-Sainte-Gosier-Viard) . Nearly 400 km circuit at all on which the most experienced competitors demonstrate their expertise and speed control.
The Route du Rhum is also an impressive sporting event is a competition of professional skippers and amateur sailors all directions, connecting Saint Malo to Guadeloupe, every 4 years (starting next November 2). A transatlantic race extremely rich in twists that brings together both competitors and spectators that are very likely to wait monohulls and multihulls, on arrival at the dock the dock of Pointe à Pitre. Live music and dancing in the open air are given for the delight of visitors!
Land contest to attend
Do not miss the Cycling Tour of Guadeloupe, held in August of each year over a hundred challengers from around the world come to compete with each other on a 1256 km course in 9 steps. Follow your favorite riders live and let yourself be carried away by the suspense ... Who will pick up the yellow jersey? See you in the month of August!
And there is also a spectacular contest to discover, this is certainly the traditional ties oxen contest which takes place annually from April to August in Port Louis, Guava, Baie-Mahault, Petit-Canal, Marie-Galante , Petit Bourg and St. Rose. This is a chuckwagon race on a muddy slope, pulled by oxen specially prepared (some reach 1500 kg). While the participants prepare their animals, the audience of about 3,000 people, is working around the tracks: music, songs, folk dancing, and the dishes and cocktails can be enjoyed on the colorful market stalls.
Throughout the year, the social life of Guadeloupe is animated by these high sporting events in colors and friendly, to miss any, consider taking a cheap rental car from Jumbocar !