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Surfing in Guadeloupe

Being an island territory, Karukera is naturally a perfect place to enjoy water sports of all kinds, especially to learn and practice the favorite sport of tourists and locals: surfing!
To enjoy the thrill of surfing, we must proceed in stages. To avoid danger (sometimes fatal), the uninitiated to win choose the places where the waves are the least contentious. This is the case in the Atlantic coastline of Basse-Terre (Pointe-à-Pitre Capesterre Belle Eau), naturally protected by coral reefs.
You will need to go to Anse Banana, Capesterre. The Anse Banana Beach is renowned for its black sand dunes and the view it offers on Marie-Galante and Saintes. The bottom is sandy and the waves not too rough, short, ideal for beginners! Furthermore, the lagoon of Cluny in Sainte-Rose, offers long waves and currents strong enough, not to mention the sand funds, to slip quietly and safely!
The spots in Guadeloupe reserved for experienced surfers
The most coveted surf spots of Guadeloupe are also those that are the most dangerous. Why they are intended for high-level surfers for whom safety rules and equipment no longer have any secret. Among them include the beach called The Surf Spot, a suburb of Moule, where only the most experienced surfers from around the world compete against each other in international competitions. We meet high surf and bedrock present a real danger.
There is also the Anse à la Gourde in Saint-François, with very appreciated swell surfers good level. Besides the site is still little known to tourists, allowing sliders to enjoy a large lagoon and long white beach ... Finally, the range of the Chapel at Anse-Bertrand, is a surf spot must Guadeloupe archipelago. Moreover, several local competitions are held here every year!
Both regulars and newcomers should not hesitate to book a car rental Jumbocar to visit Guadeloupe best surf spots in order to practice their favorite sport!