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Water sport activities in Guadeloupe

With its insularity, trade winds and sunshine throughout the year, Guadeloupe offers beautiful corners to enjoy numerous water sports ...

With its insularity, its winds and sunshine throughout the year, Guadeloupe offers beautiful corners to enjoy numerous water sports ...
It is well known, Guadeloupe is an ideal destination to give yourself a little relaxation, relaxation and pleasure ... Take a tour of the best beaches for long hours swimming in crystal clear water at a pleasant temperature, tanning the sun, not to mention beautiful walks waterfront along the sandy beaches ... You'll be surprised by the variety of colors of sand, by region: pure white on the windward coast of Grande-Terre, black sand , gray, pink and pebbles along the coastline of Basse-Terre or brown sand around Marie-Galante ...
Navigation and snow sports
Pleasure cruise on a luxury yacht, fishing boat trip for beginners to the Big Game Fishing, sailing regattas, boat trips in canoes ... saintois Guadeloupe is undoubtedly a paradise for boaters. As for board sports, jet ski, surfing, kite surfing, boogie boarding, wakeboarding, water skiing and paddle are all activities that will delight enthusiasts of extreme sports. Besides the Guadeloupe has very good spots (Moule, Port Louis, Anse-Bertrand, St. Anne, St. Francis Petit Havre, etc.), some world-renowned ... Finally, canyoning fans will not be Moreover, since many clubs offer initiations and canoe kayak tours, both at sea, on the river rapids, designed in the heart of the forests.
Explore the seabed
A Karukera, enjoy leisure to close to the surface but underwater. With its seabed, sheltering a rich and diverse ecosystem, Guadeloupe is the perfect place to make a diving baptism. With your oxygen bottle, penetrate into the intimate and colorful algae, fish and shellfish. Diving mask, fins and snorkel or snorkeling in shallow lagoons, is also becoming increasingly popular, especially as it is suitable for all ages ... What to make an entertaining and instructive activity with family !
To complete your stay 100% water activities around the island, do not forget to visit the Guadeloupe Aquarium, the Marina du Gosier. Leaving nothing to chance, consider booking a car hire in advance!