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Tips for renting a car in Guadeloupe from Jumbo Car

Upon your arrival in Guadeloupe

After retrieving your luggage at the airport, head for the car rental center, on the right side of the airport. Jumbo Car airport branch is located on the right side of this car rental center. For your comfort, a water fountain and a vending machine are at the entrance of our agency.

Tips for your car rental

You can book your car from the car rental center agency or you can book your car from the agency where the rental cars are parked. The agency where the rental cars are parked is located 300m away from the airport. A free shuttle will drive you there so it’s easily accessible. In order to save time, do not forget to prepare your documentation, especially your driver’s license, which is mandatory for renting a car. Renting a car from Jumbo Car Guadeloupe is easy and convenient since all rental cars come with unlimited mileage with no extra fee and insurance. However, if you cause an accident or if an accident is caused by an unidentified party, you will have to pay for the car insurance excess. Once the car rental contract has been signed, one of our staff will give you your rental car. Both parties will check the state of the car thoroughly. Our rental cars usually come with a full tank. A tag on the fuel tank will let you know what type of fuel to use.

What you need to know about Guadeloupe

The seasons in Guadeloupe

From December to mid-April: The average temperature is about 27°C. From August to December: Cyclone season. The average temperature is about 32°C.


3 webcams are installed on touristic spots of Guadeloupe: 1 located at the volcano 1 in Saint-François 1 in Pointe Noire