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Pay in 2 or 3 times without fees

Terms and Conditions Payment in 2 or 3 times.

Jumbo Car Guadeloupe proposes the payment in 2 or 3 for any car rental between 300 € and 8 000 €, with your credit card, without any justification or other approach. After validating your reservation and completing your personal data, when choosing the means of payment, click on the image corresponding to your type of card. Fill out the form and confirm your payment. The first monthly payment is debited to your bank account upon validation of your reservation. The following withdrawals will be made on anniversary months. Payment of the entire rental must be made before the departure date of the vehicle. In the event of cancellation of the reservation, the sums paid will remain with Jumbo Car Guadeloupe except in case of force majeure (death, illness with proof). Administrative processing fees of 50 euros will remain due.

Conditions in case of default:

In case of non-payment of one of the monthly installments, a processing fee of 35 € TTC will be invoiced to you and one of the following possibilities is offered to you: Regularization of the incident on the card, or on another card in your name and first name and the timing of the withdrawals normally continues. Payment of the total amount at the start of the rental with the billing of the monthly delinquency charges (35 € * the number of unpaid) in addition, the proposed tariff will no longer be the online payment rate but the one in agency.

In summary :

The payment in "2 or 3 times" by credit card is accessible for any rental, thanks to the online payment method, the amount of which is between 300 € and 8 000 €. The deduction of the maturities on your credit card is divided as indicated in the table below in the event of unpaid expenses (35 €) will apply and the reservation not guaranteed.