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Rental car Gourbeyre - Basse-Terre

agence gourbeyre guadeloupe

Gourbeyre - Jumbo Car Gourbeyre Basse Terre

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Zone Valkanaers Nationale 1 GOURBEYRE 97113

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Rent a Car in Gourbeyre

Guadeloupe is a wonderful island where you will always find something you love. Beaches, Hiking, Waterfalls ? Nothing is missing here !

To fully enjoy your vacation in Guadeloupe, you'll have to rent a car as public transportations don't really exist. Having a car is the only option you have, believe us !

Good news : car rental in Guadeloupe is the cheapest way to visit the archipel. Almost all activities, (except for diving or boat excursions) are free and if you share rental and gas with friends, it gets even more inexpensive. But most important, with a car you can go wherever you want, whenever you want.

What Car to choose in Basse-Terre ?

Main roads in Guadeloupe are well-maintained. However, secondary roads and smaller paths are sometimes in poor conditions. You might want to rent a SUV if you plan on driving to such extends of the region.

In Basse-Terre, we highly recommend you rent a car with a powerful engine filled with Diesel. Indeed, this part of the Island is very mountainous and you will meet many steep hills and tight turns. For your safety and your comfort, it will better to have a higher car.

Best place to pick up your rental vehicle ?

Car Rental agency in Gourbeyre

If you are in Gourbeyre or nearby, you will easily find our rental agency as you can see it from the highway behind the store "BUT". Otherwise, there is another car rental agency in Baillif.

Car Rental Agency at International Airport Pôle Caraïbes in Guadeloupe

The most convenient solution is to rent a car at the International Airport of Pointe-à-Pitre as soon as you arrive in Guadeloupe. Do not rely on public transportation as the network is very limited.

When you choose the airport agency for pick-up, it is easier for you to visit the island at your own pace. Sooner or later you will need a car, the sooner the better... Do not waste your time waiting for a bus that might never come.

How yo find a Cheap Car in Gourbeyre

Book your rental Car online

To find a rental car in Guadeloupe at the best price, there is no secret ! Make your reservation online on our website. The main Jumbo Car Agency is located at the airport, closed to Jarry, the economic center of Guadeloupe. Most of our vehicles are parked at the Airport.

If you go straight to our agency in Gourbeyre, there is a risk the car you expect might not be available you need to wait in line to get your vehicle keys. Also, prices might have gone up from now.

Booking online means making sure you get the car you want, at the best prices!

Driving in Gourbeyre and in Basse-Terre

Driving in Guadeloupe is the same as in France, the rules are exactly the same as it is a French overseas Territory. However, be careful, there are many speed cameras and they work perfectly well...

Most roads are well-maintained, no bad surprises ! However it is better to rent a powerful car with a strong engine if you drive in Basse-Terre because of steep hills.

Note that prices change every month and are the same in every gas station of the island.

What to do Gourbeyre and in Basse-Terre ?


Gourbeyre is located in the South of Guadeloupe next the Volcano La Soufrière. You will love going up there and enjoy the 360° view over the archipelago.

After this, go to the Chutes du Carbet, the biggest waterfalls of Guadeloupe. Impressive ! There are so many other waterfalls and they all are very special.


We love beaches in Basse-Terre and si will you : Malendure, Trois-Rivières, la Perle, Grand-Anse... they all are wonderful, huge and quiet !


Eventually, you cannot leave Guadeloupe without visiting a distillery. The closest of Gourbeyre is Bologne. You can visit it and of course, taste the rhum at the endof the tour. But take it easy if you are a driver ! ;-)