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Rental car Sainte Anne Guadeoupe


Sainte Anne - Résidence Pierre et Vacances

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Rent a Car in Sainte-Anne Guadeloupe

In Grande-Terre or Basse-Terre (the 2 main Islands of Guadeloupe), the best way to move around and visit freely is by car. The public transportation network in Guadeloupe is very weak and walking in not possible: distances are huge and there are no pathwalk.

Renting a Car in Guadeloupe presents many advantages :

  • Visit the Island at your own pace. Roads are mostly well-maintained and you can go wherever you want.

  • Be Free : Caribbean Islands are gorgeous. With a car, you will be able to go wherever you want, whenever you want.

  • Save Money : Driving around is the most inexpensive way to discover Guadeloupe. Almost every activities here are free and the more passengers in the car, the more affordable.

Pick-up your rental car in Saint-Anne

To pick-up your car in Sainte-Anne, you have 2 options :

Jumbo Car Agency in Sainte-Anne

The first option is to go to our agency in the Hotel Pierre&Vacances in Sainte-Anne. Our staff will be happy to welcome you and provide you with a car.

The easiest way to go to the agency is by car, there are a few buses that go there but it can be very long.

Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport

The second and best option is to pick-up your car at our airport agency. Once again, do no count on public transportation here, especially for long distances such as Les Abymes - Sainte-Anne. By picking-up your car at the Airport, your holidays begin as soon as you land on Guadeloupean soil.

Another good reason to pick-up your car at the Airport ? This is Jumbo Car's biggest agency and prices are always more interesting.

Otherwise, you can also choose to pick up your rental car from our angency at Le Gosier.

Rent an inexpensive Car in Sainte-Anne

In order to find the best car rental prices, there is only one solution : Book online ! When you book through our website, you are sure to find a rental car in Guadeloupe at the best prices because you leave us enough time to optimize vehicles fleet management for you. Morevover, when you book online, and in advance, you can be sure that the car you want will be available when you arrive and you will not have to wait.
At Jumbo Car, there are no hidden fees. The price you see, is the price you pay and it includes everything (unlimited kilometers, insurances, VAT...). Check out our offers and you will see the best prices on the market with reliable cars are at Jumbo Car.
Roads are generally well-maintained in Guadeloupe, except for some isolated paths. An economic car such as *Renault Clio* will be perfect if you travel alone or if you are 2 passengers. Should you come with your family, a Dacia Duster or Renault Captur will better match your needs. We recommend you to choose a diesel car. Even though the roads are easier in Grande-Terre than in Basse-Terre, there still are hills that can be steep.
If you know how to drive in France, it is the same rules in Guadeloupe as it is a French Territory. The maximum authorized speed limit is 110km/h on some parts of the road. There are no toll and roads are well-maintained. Be careful and respect speed limits. There are many speed cameras on the roads. Also, note that during rush hours, traffic can be crazy between Gosier and Saint-François, and around Jarry.
Gas prices change every month and are the same on the entire island. In June 2021, : - Diesel : 1,36€/L - Unleaded Petrol : 1,64€/L


History of Sainte-Anne

Sainte-Anne was named after Anne d'Autriche, mother of the French King : Louis XIV. At this time, the city was a big commercial center for sugar and rhum export. After the sugar crises, the tourism was the only economic source of the city. That is when they started to build seaside resorts around the city.

Sainte-Anne and Grande-Terre beaches

After a great hike or a nice waterfall in Guadeloupe, there is nothing better than resting on a beautiful beach. Sainte-Anne is famous for having several of the most beautiful beaches of Guadeloupe :

  • Bois-Jolan Beach

  • Caravelle Beach (in Front of Club Med)

  • Gros Sable Beach

White Sand, Crystal Clear waters, Corals, Coconut trees, lagoons... take the time to visit them with your rental car.

Not so far from Sainte-Anne, you will find le Pointe des Châteaux, an unmissable thing to do in Guadeloupe with the breathtaking view of La Désirade. After taking a few pictures, go rest on the Shower Beach. You'll understand why it is named like this.

You will also find many restaurants and local markets where you can buy fresh fish.