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Rent an automatic Car in Guadeloupe

Why choose a rental car with automatic transmission ?

Driving an automatic car is more comfortable, especially in Guadeloupe ! If you go to Bass-Terre or drive on secondary roads in Grande-Terre, turns are tight and you will meet steep hills. Moreover, principal roads go through towns with many speed bumps. With a manual transmission you will spend your time demoting, on the contrat of with an automatic car.

Besides, during rush hours, the traffic can be crazy in Guadeloupe. Here again, you will be more than happy to drive an automatic car.

Which automatic car to choose ?

It depends on what you plan to do in Guadeloupe. Each category of vehicles in our fleet has an automatic version. If you come for a business trip, you can choose to rent a small economic car. However, if you are here on holidays, we strongly suggest you rent a bigger car, such as a SUV or minivan.

Rent an automatic vehicle in Jumbo Car Guadeloupe

Rental conditions

To rent an automatic car at Jumbo Car guadeloupe, we need to fill several conditions :

  • Be over 21 years old for economic cars or over 25 years old for SUV or luxury cars

  • Present a valid driving license 1 year old for enconomic cars and 2 years old for SUV or luxury cars

  • Bring a credit card for the deposit.

Where to pick up your rental car ?

There are 6 jumbo car agencies in Guadeloupe :

  • Airport Pôle Caraïbes

  • Sainte-Anne

  • Gosier

  • Baie-Mahault (Jarry)

  • Baillif

  • Gourbeyre

Book your car online as early as you can to enjoy best prices. For more information, feel free to call us at +590 590 915 566.