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Economy car rental in Guadeloupe

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Find the right economic vehicle for you : whether you're looking for a small car for tourism or a bigger one more comfortable, we have the right car for you.

Rent an Economy Car in Guadeloupe

Why choose an economy car ?

In Guadeloupe, you have no choice but to rent a car. You cannot walk and public transportation are not reliable. Everybody needs a car here, believe us ! Renting an economy car is the best option. Whether it is a manual or an automatic transmission, it will take you everywhere you want and be environmental friendly. Moreover, an economy car is often more compact. Parking spot can be difficult to find, especially during high season. A small car will perfectly meet your needs.

What economy car choose ?

There are different kinds of economy car. The small and compact vehicles such as Renault Twingo, which are perfect for 2 passengers with luggages. Those cars will take you to the most beautiful places of Guadeloupe. However, this model is less comfortable and the fuel consumption goes higher when you drive in the mountain in Basse-Terre. Shoud you drive there, we recommende a Renault Clio, that has more power, is more stable and bigger.

If you really want to spend a lot of time in Basse-Terre, we suggest you rent a SUV for more comfort and power, especially if you are over 2 passengers in the vehicle.

Rent an economy car with Jumbo Car Guadeloupe

Conditions to rent an economy car

You wish to rent an economy car in Guadeloupe ? The easiest way to do so is to book it on our website and be sure to find the best prices. To pick up your car from our agencies, please bring :

  • Your ID or Passeport

  • A minimum-1-year-old valid driving licence

  • Your credit card for the deposit.

Where to pick up your rental car ?

There are 6 rental agencies in Guadeloupe :

  • Pointe-à-Pitre Airport

  • Le Gosier

  • Sainte-Anne (inside Pierre&Vacances village)

  • Baie-Mahault (Jarry)

  • Baillif

  • Gourbeyre

For more information, please call us : +590 (0) 590 915 566.

At Jumbo Car Guadeloupe we have all kinds of vehicles. You want to rent a prestigious car for a special event ? We have some. You are moving and need an utility vehicle ? We have it too. You are interested in trying out an electric or Hybrid car ? Come to Jumbo Car, you will find the car you are looking for.