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Rent an Electric and Hybrid Car in Guadeloupe

Rent an Electric or Hybrid Car in Guadeloupe

Electric or hybrid cars have been taking over the automobile market for years. Nowadays, almost all car manufacturer offer such vehicles as they are very reliable and mostly because they have a positive impact on the environment.

At Jumbo Car, the environment is our priority and that's why we offer our clients the possibility to rent an electric vehicle in Guadeloupe.

Why choose an electric or hybrid car ?

Here are several reasons why you should rent an electric or hybrid car :

  • Save Money : Nor more fuel to buy. Here in Guadeloupe, charging is way cheaper that gas filling. And at Jumbo Car, it is even free !

  • Very good autonomy : Nowadays, in 2021, electric cars battery can last for days : between 250 and 400km on average.

  • In 2021, we can say for sure that electric or hybrid cars are perfectly reliable.

  • Last but not least : Green cars are eco-friendly as they don't use any kind of fuel.

Z - Zoe



Z2 - Hyundai kona


Electrique and Hybrid cars' Autonomy

Hybrid vehicles

Hybrid cars have an unlimited autonomy. Indeed they run on 2 sources of energy : electricity until 25 miles/hour and Gasoline afterwards.The barry recharges itself while driving, especially when the engine runs on gasoline. When you drive on gasoline it is the same as driving a classic car.Hybrid cars have strong engines and will take you anywhere you wish in Guadeloupe.

Eventually, hybrid vehicle will save you expenses as driving on electricity is free.

Electric vehicles

Electric cars' autonomy vary upon model and driving style. On average it goes from 250km to 400km, which is far enough for Guadeloupe. Besides they usually are powerful engines that can take you anywhere aroung the archipelago.

Charging up an electric car takes around 3-4 hours and you can only do it at special stations.

Driving an Electric or Hybrid Car

Driving a gasoline car or an electric one is exactly the same thing. The only big difference is that an electric car is silent !

Plus, electric cars accelerate faster than classic engines as there are no transmission. With Jumbo Car Guadeloupe, you can rent electric or luxury cars of any kind : from the economic Renault Zoé to the SUV Hyundai Kona...

What is the maximum speed of an electric car ?

The maximum speed depends on the car you choose, but usually it goes as fast as a gasoline car.

Where to charge my electric car ?

You have several possibilities to charge up your car.

First, you can come to our agency at the airport. Good news : it's free and you do not need to give the car back with full battery.

If your battery is empty, you will need 2 hours to charge it completely.

Otherwise there are other car charging stations in Guadeloupe :

  • Destreland

  • FitnessPark

  • Milenis

  • ...

Usually these stations work with green electricity and you might not have to pay to charge your car.

Do we need to give the car back with full battery ?

No ! This is the big advantage of renting an electric car, you can give it back with an empty battery. No need to find a charging station at the last minute. Return how it is.

Concerning Hybrid cars, you just need to fill up the fuel tank, but not the battery.

How much is it ?

Prices are almost the same than a classic car. It depends on the category you choose and availability.