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Minivan Rental Guadeloupe

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Rent a Minibus in Guadeloupe

You are coming to Guadeloupe with your family or with your friends ? In order to enjoy your vacations, you have no choice but to rent a car for your stay. Choose a minivan or a minibus. Our 5 to 9 seats vehicles will allow you to explore safely all the areas of the island.

Why should you choose a family car ?

If you have over 4 passengers, you know an economy car is too small. Besides, the truck of a SUV will be too small if you have luggage.

Renting a minibus is the best option for you. With up to 9 seats, our minibus have enough room for the entire family and your luggage, plus it will take you anywhere you need.

You can also rent a minibus if you are a surfer and you need to fit your equipment within the car.

What kind of minibus or minivan to choose ?

You need to find the best kind according to your needs. A 9-seat minibus will be perfect for a big family or for surfers. A 5 or 7-seat car will be better for smaller family or for a group of friends.

Anyway, their trunks are big enough for your luggages. Most convenient, especially if you move from an apartment to an other.

Rent a minivan with Jumbo Car Guadeloupe

Rental conditions for a Minivan

Conditions to rent a minivan or a minibus with Jumbo Car are the same as for a luxury car or utility vehicle. You need :

  • Be over 25 years old

  • have a valid driving license over 2 years' old

  • Bring credit card with sufficient funds for the deposit

Where to pick-up the minibus / Minivan in Guadeloupe

Jumbo Car has 6 car rental agencies on the archipelago. When you book your car online, you can choose which agency matches your needs best :

  • Guadeloupe Airport

  • Sainte-Anne

  • Le Gosier

  • Baie-Mahault

  • Baillif

  • Gourbeyre

Please, call us if you have any question : +590 (0) 590 915 566