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Rent an SUV Car in Guadeloupe

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Rent a SUV vehicle in Guadeloupe

SUV are everywhere in Guadeloupe ! Don't count on Public Transportation, there are too few of them. Besides roads are not very well maintained in the Caribbean. This is why most people who live here drive SUV cars.

Why choose a SUV ?

Here are some examples that show you why you might want to rent a powerful raised car in Guadeloupe :

  • In Basse-Terre, you are going to drive on mountain roads with steep hills and tight turns. If you rent a higher and powerful car such as a Renault Kadjar or a Dacia Duster, it will be easier, safer and more comfortable.

  • Yes, a SUV usually consume more fuel than an economy. But only on classic, flat, easy roads. When it comes to steep hills, a smaller car will consume much more fuel in this kind of situation.

  • Secondary roads are not poorly maintained. It can be difficult to drive on it with an economy and low car. If you rent a SUV, you are sure to be able to go anywhere you want.

Rent a SUV at the best price

To be sure to have the best rental prices for your SUV, you need to make your booking as soon as possible. Why ? Because it gives car rental companies enough time to organize thier fleet, to move our cars from an agency to another, in order to cut fees for you much as possible..

Moreover, best prices are always on our website as competition is higher on the internet.

Driving in Guadeloupe

Be aware that some parts of Guadeloupe are car free to respect the environment. Even though you drive a SUV, it is not permitted to drive off existing roads.

Some of the roads in the mountain are very tight. If you rent a SUV, be careful in turns. It is very common here to honk to alter other drivers you are coming.

Jumbo Car Guadeloupe offers different kinds of SUV. You can choose between automatic or manual transmission. Whichever SUV you select, they all are adapted to Guadeloupean roads.

  • Renault Captur ou Kadjar

  • Dacia Duster ou Hyundai Tucson

  • Hyundai Kona

Rent a vehicle with Jumbo Car Guadeloupe

Rental Conditions for a SUV in Guadeloupe

Here are the conditions for renting a SUV with Jumbo Car :

  • Be over 25 years old

  • Possess a minimum 2-year-old valid driving license

  • Come with a Credit Card for the deposit (between €1.000 and €2.000). The amount is locked on your account, but not withdrawn.

Where pick up my SUV in Guadeloupe ?

Jumboc Car has 6 agencies in Guadeloupe. You can pick up your car in each of them. The most convenient place is at the airport agency. If you stay at Pierre&Vacances Hotel in Sainte-Anne, we also have an agency there, as well as next to Karibea Hotel Resort at Le Gosier.

If your are in Basse-Terre, you can choose our agency at Baie-Mahault (Jarry) or Gourbeyre. Eventually, we also have an agency in Baillif.

For more information, call us : +590 (0) 590 915 566